We have prepared a series of articles and explanations of terms that we consider interesting and important for our field.

Glossary of terms

You may have come across expressions in relation to parking systems that you found difficult to understand. To make sure you don’t get lost in this area, we have prepared a list of the most important dates.

RFID technology is currently the most widely used technology for identifying people and vehicles. We distinguish RFID technology for short or long range, which allows to read identification cards up to 10 m distance. RFID technology is used to identify cars as they pass through restricted areas such as warehouse and shipping terminals, public transport stations or paid public car parks.

Attendance ID cards or ID tags use high-frequency RFID technology at short range, most often at a distance of 10 cm.

Controlling the device using a mobile phone signal is a simple and reliable solution for users. You connect the GSM communicator to the device you want to control with your mobile phone. You can manage the GSM module via the web interface, our own AG GATE application, or connect our devices to a third-party application.

Camera systems for vehicle registration plate recognition (formerly number plates) are fast and highly reliable. License plate recognition is most often used in public parking lots or parking systems in industrial areas, where automatic exit or entry permits are handled. The advanced functions of the vehicle RZ recognition include: measuring the length of the event, monitoring times and possibly routes, monitoring defined events and generating statistical data outputs.

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