How to deal with parking at the hotel

We will prepare the parking system in the hotel car parks for you from start to finish. We have developed car parks for renowned hotels such as the Hilton Garden Inn Glasgow, the InterContinental Doha in Qatar and the Hotel Continental in Brno.

Without fronts

Fast and queue-free vehicle clearance with respect to the international environment.

Different tariffs

For hotel guests, their visitors, customers, supplies.

Connection to the hotel system

We connect the parking lot with the hotel system via API.

Installation and training

Complete installation and training of hotel staff.

Connection to the hotel system

We fully integrate the parking system into the operation of your hotel: you can pay the parking fee together with your accommodation, transfer the short-term parking ticket to the hotel guest’s card, reserve a parking space for the entire duration of your stay or have a different tariff for hotel guests and restaurant visitors. These are examples of situations we have helped resolve. 

Easy access for supplies and technical services

Each hotel complex has different requirements. We have addressed the possibility of parking for hotel guests and their visitors and at the same time the possibility of free entry for supplies. We can adapt parking to the needs of your hotel.

Long lifetime of the parking system

Our automatic barriers open in seconds and have an average lifetime of 15 years or more. We also offer an anti-pass system to prevent repeated entries and exits. Parking lots show occupancy, report the number of available spaces and have a camera system to read the license plate. 

Remote monitoring and service

We will handle the complete supply and installation of the parking system, including software and hardware, and train your staff. We offer remote access and service within 24 hours in case of breakdown. We can manage the parking lot installation remotely via the monitoring center. 

We can also design a parking lot for your hotel

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