Road barriers

We offer two types of road barriers: electromechanical or hydraulic. Both are highly durable constructions.

Robust road barriers

Electromechanical barriers can stop vehicles of up to 2 tonnes and the easy surface mounting without additional construction work is a clear advantage.

Electrohydraulic barriers are even more robust and are designed to prevent entry ofvehicles up to 7 tonnes. These barriers are more difficult to install because the hydraulic unit is usually embedded in an underground shaft. 

But don’t worry. We take care of the complete installation of road barriers. 

The average barrier opening time is about 4 seconds. In case of the highest threat to the guarded object, we offer a barrier with the UAP (unexpected attack protection) function, which can raise the road barrier to the top position within 1.9 seconds.

The basic dimensions of the barrier are 2 m, 2.5 m, 3 m and 4 m. A traffic light for one-way traffic is a part of the barrier drive cabinet.


Basic dimensions2 – 4 m
Opening time~ 4 s.
Load on the axle20 000 kg
Weight of the detained vehicleup to 7 tonnes
Operating temperature-30 to +80 °C


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