Parking spaces and types of parking

In our short article we will introduce you to the parking options in public car parks.
Použití automatické závory

We have solved parking spaces for shopping malls, hospitals or industrial and office complexes for companies all over the world and we are happy to advise you as well.

Parking for different areas

Each car park has different requirements: for offices, you may want to link parking to an attendance system or entry turnstile, while hotels often wish to set different tariffs for hotel guests, supplies, and short-term visitors. We can handle all that.

Depending on the volume of traffic, we will recommend an appropriate automatic barrier. We will place a self-service cash register or payment machine in the paid parking lot. Exit from the car park can be solved classically via a parking ticket, or via camera recognition of the registration plate, RFID reader, etc. 

Remote parking system

There are many options, see our case studies where we have detailed the different types of car parks and parking. We have clients in Central Europe, Scandinavia and the Middle East and can handle remote installation.

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