Parking systems

Our own EcoPark II parking system with barcode technology is suitable for any size of parking lot: hotel, shopping centre, sports complex and public parking lots.
Použití automatické závory

A parking system for any car park

The building block solution of our system allows for gradual expansion and additions, so we can find a solution for everyone. Suitable for large and small car parks, with payment terminal or automatic number plate recognition.

Let us know what you need and we’ll tailor a parking system to suit you, whether you want to collect parking fees, provide enough parking spaces for visitors, or need to check in vehicles quickly. We have designed the parking system to be sufficiently variable and therefore suitable for all car parks.

Entry and exit terminals operate with a barcode ticket, RFID card or via reading the registration number. Payment of the parking fee can be made in cash or without cash at the parking attendant. The parking system can also be equipped with automatic cash registers with the possibility of cash payment in banknotes and coins with the return of cash overpayments in coins and banknotes or cashless by payment card. It is now possible to pay the parking fee online by mobile phone.

We offer continuous control over the operation of the car park, remote monitoring and support, and thanks to our software you get a complete overview of finances and operations.

There are plenty of options, just get in touch and we’ll sort out parking for you.

What we will assemble the parking system from

Entry terminal (card or ticket)
Exit terminal (card or ticket)
High-speed automatic barrier
Payment machine
Automatic cash register
Tills with staff
Automatic recognition of registration marks
Remote monitoring workstation
Parking ticket validator
Central control system
Safety features
Access systems and others by agreement


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