Parking near the offices

We will take care of the parking in the office centres for you. We have experience in large administrative complexes such as AZ Tower in Brno and we can arrange hassle-free parking for you.

Quick identification

Employee recognition by RFID card and license plate number.

Without fronts

Smooth operation thanks to gates that open in seconds.

Custom tariffs

Free parking for employees and paid parking for customers and visitors.

Installation and training

We integrate parking lots into office centers and train staff.

Different tariffs for visitors, employees, supplies

Parking at office complexes can be done via a ticket terminal, RFID card reader or a camera system for reading license plates. Visitors can conveniently pay via the automatic self-service checkout with a contactless card, via mobile phone (SMS, app) or in cash.

We will provide access for supplies, technical services, etc. We can set up any discounts and parking tariffs to suit your needs.

We connect the parking lot with the internal system

Each administrative complex has different needs. We have addressed the collection of parking fees from one-time parkers and the possibility of free parking for tenants, as well as linking outdoor and underground parking into one system. We can adapt parking to the needs of your area.

Fast vehicle clearance without queues

Our high-speed automatic barriers open in seconds, so there are no queues. For areas with lowered ceilings (underground car parks), we recommend barriers with articulated drive.

We also offer an anti-pass system to prevent repeated entries and exits. Car parks show occupancy, report the number of free spaces and have a camera system to read the registration plate

Remote monitoring and fast solutions

We will handle the complete supply and installation of the parking system, including software and hardware, and train your staff. We offer remote access and service within 24 hours in case of breakdown. We can also manage the parking installation remotely via the monitoring centre.

We can also design a parking lot for your complex

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