Container applications

Container applications or building cells are most often used in parking systems with automatic barriers as security stations or in restricted access areas.
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The MB-EcoPark mobile cell is perfectly suited for the car park. In addition to the monitoring workstation, there is usually also a manned cash register for payment of parking fees in the container.

We can install automatic barriers, access systems with RFID technology and accurate registration of persons, vehicle registration plate reading system, biometric readers, camera systems, etc. to the building cell or container application.

Turnstiles at designated areas

Mobile entry containers can be combined with low entry or full-size turnstiles when entering secure locations. When security is not present, the turnstiles may be operated in automatic mode and only authorized persons will be allowed to pass through the turnstile, or the turnstiles may be locked.

According to your wishes, we can add an access identification system with RFID access card technology or barcode technology for ticketing systems. It is also possible to use biometric readers for locations with the highest level of security.

Variability of container applications

Containers are supplied in standard dimensions 10″ or 20″ (feet), or in other dimensions according to the customer’s request. The standard height of the container is 2.6 m, the width of the container is 2.5 m. Colours according to RAL colour chart. According to your request, we can also produce the container in other non-standard dimensions to suit the integration into the parking system.

The advantage of container applications and building cells is their great variability — we can add almost any product from our range. Contact us and we will be happy to discuss your options and offer you a sustainable and functional solution.

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