Hartmann-Rico: Barriers and turnstiles for all factories


  • Vehicle entry and exit control
  • Long service life of industrial barriers
  • Registration plate recognition system
  • Tripod turnstiles connected to the attendance system, including temperature measurement and random control system
  • Automatic gate allowing the passage of handicapped persons/​prams
  • Safety and control elements

Client’s opinion

“We have started cooperation with AUTOGARD in the supply and installation of barriers and turnstiles in our production plant in Veverská Bítýška. Our requirement is 100% reliability of all equipment and due to our satisfaction we have gradually installed their products in other production plants in the Czech Republic.”

David Lupac, Hartmann-Rico

Our solution

An industrial estate car park must meet several important criteria. Employees, visitors, regular guests such as supplies or suppliers park here. In the employee parking lots, we used automatic high-speed barriers that open in seconds. We connected an external attendance and access system with a motorized tripod turnstile.

We have installed automatic barriers for intensive industrial use in less busy areas. Of course there were safety features on all the barriers.

Automation of entrances to industrial sites is a more frequent request from clients. We have therefore installed a license plate recognition system at the Hartmann-Rico production plant. We connected the tripod turnstiles to the attendance system, including the temperature measurement system.


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