Hotel Avanti: Convenient parking for guests


  • Parking available for hotel guests and short-term visitors
  • Integration into the hotel system via API
  • Payment of parking fees together with accommodation
  • Reservation of a parking space for the entire stay
  • Entrance for supplies, technical services, etc.
  • Smooth operation and long service life

Client’s opinion

“AUTOGARD supplied us with a complete parking system for our hotel. At the same time, it also provides us with regular maintenance and smooth operation, so everything works to our satisfaction.”

Roman Petrik, hotel Avanti

Our solution

For Avanti Hotel, we supplied a complete parking system with automatic barriers, entry and exit terminals and a self-service cash desk. The anti-pass system prevents repeated entries and exits. The parking system provides convenient parking for hotel guests, short-term visitors, as well as supplies or suppliers.

All the necessary software (central control system) is linked to the hotel system, so you can easily link the parking payment to the accommodation. If necessary, we are able to manage the installation and service of the parking system remotely. We are happy to train your staff and perform regular servicing. The average lifetime of our automatic barriers is 15 years.


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