Hospital Brno Bohunice: Parking for patients and employees


  • Miscellaneous parking fees: patients, visitors, employees, suppliers
  • Fast clearance of parked vehicles without queues
  • Custom tariffs and discounts, e.g. for blood donors
  • 100% functionality and immediate intervention in case of damage

Client’s opinion

In our hospital, we use a comprehensive parking system from AUTOGARD in the main car park. The system was installed in 2020 and reliably provides all the functions we require – fast check-in of parkers thanks to the reading of registration plates, various types of payments, discounts for blood donors, access via attendance cards for our employees, etc.

Jaroslav Stohl, FN Brno

Our solution

The parking lot at the hospital is used by different groups of parkers: patients, visitors, hospital staff or supplies. For this reason, the car park is divided into 2 zones: the main entrance is for patients, the secondary entrance is for staff. Patients and visitors to the hospital want to be checked in quickly, which is why the high-speed barriers open in seconds.

Parkers can use an automated self-service cash and card machine to make payments. The hospital can set up discounts and different types of payments. Entry or exit is secured by parking tickets, RFID card readers (employee attendance cards) or a camera system for reading license plates. The car park includes an occupancy indicator (free/​occupied with the number of spaces).

In addition to barriers, terminals, etc. we provide all the necessary hardware and software and we are able to control the car park remotely. We will train your staff and offer service within 24 hours in case of an accident.


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