ATR Klipper waist high turnstile with anti-panic folding arms

Tripod turnstile with automatically collapsible armsATR Klipper is a motorized waist high tripod turnstile for bi-directional access control with enhanced fail-safe features. Folding arms automatically drop upon loss of power or in emergency situations, clearing the passageway for a free exit. When power supply is restored or emergency signal suspended, the arms automatically return to their normal operating position. Motorized arms provide comfortable passage while maintaining a high level of crowd control and pedestrian flow management.



parameters data
Antipanic fail-safe
Control unit microprocessor
Control unit power supply 24 V DC
Modes of operation ← / → / ↔ / X
Number of arms 3
Operating temperature -15 to +60 °C
Passage control yes
Passageway width 550 mm
Power supply 230 V AC
Surface finishing powdercoated steel or stainless steel
Throughput rate standard ~30–40 passages/min