ATB600 Mechanical turnstile

One way full-height mechanical pedestrian gate

ATB600 mechanical turnstileATB600 full-height mechanical turnstiles prevent unauthorized access into secured perimeters, while enabling free exit from a secured zone. Mechanical turnsties allow passage in one direction only, the opposite direction is permanently blocked.
Designed for heavy duty applications and intensive pedestrian movement areas, such as amusement parks, ZOOs, public transport stations, sport complexes, stadiums etc.

Durable weatherproof construction reinforces unauthorized entry protection and provides added value where vandalism is a risk.



parameters data
Antipanic free passage in one direction
Clear height 2000
Dimensions 1325 x 1140 x 2240 mm
Number of arms 3
Passage control sigle direction
Passageway width ~600 mm
Power supply 230 V AC
Surface finishing powder coating, hot dip galvanizing and/or stainless steel
Throughput rate antipanic ~70 passages/min
Throughput rate maximum ~70 passages/min